We spend a lot of time managing our looks.  From weekly trips to the  mall, to scanning  magazines for the latest in make up

trends, we are inundated with promises of accessories that will  improving our looks.

But  there is one thing, and one thing only that can  truly improve our look,  and change the way we feel everyday;  Our Hair.

Hair.  Beautifully styled, perfectly cut, evenly proportioned, and created with you in mind.

Our hair is the best accessory we own. We wear it everyday, with everything. From our work outfit to the gym, we expect to change when we need it to.

And in some cases, that could be as many as 3 times a day. 

Once you’ve hit a style that gives you flexibility to accomplish most of your needs, BOOK YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT. This is without a doubt the best way to manage your fabulous style. 

Yes, but how long do I go before I book my next appointment? Great question. It can be different for everyone depending on thickness, quantity, and texture. Here is a general guideline to maintain the style you have.

On average hair grows 1/2″ every 4-6 weeks. If you are in the 4 week zone, than book your appointment for 4 weeks out. If you are in the middle lane, and have hair that keeps its style easily without loosing shape, than 5 weeks is perfect to maintain your current look. If you are in the slow lane, and can cruise along for a full month and a bit without any major issues, than 6 weeks is great.

The one exception to this guideline is the fringe. I find that a full fringe has the life expectancy of 3 weeks, and side swept fringes roughly the same. I recommend to my clients to call in and ask for a bang trim. It’s the easiest way to keep them in check, and avoid the temptation of doing it yourself, and possibly altering your style. 

Now even if you have long hair and don’t feel you need to go to the salon every 6 weeks, I still recommend getting it trimmed by the 8th week. Hair that is long, has been around for a long time. This can mean the last 4 inches have been exposed to a lot more damage than the first 4 inches. Just like the ends of a rope, the ends of your hair will split, and if not cut above the area where the splitting is taking place, it will continue to split until it finds a week point and break. This will leave you with uneven, broken edges that make it difficult to smooth, thus looking damaged and not healthy.

So in the end, managing your hairstyle is key to managing your image. Taking the time to book your next appointment insures you look and feel your best. Remember; it’s much easier to schedule around your pre-booked appointment, and you get the time that works best for you.