"Never underestimate how Style & Image impacts success."

Linda Edmonds, Certified Image Consultant & Style Coach
Can you picture this? You open your closet  and the feeling of dread overwhelms you…what’s your first thought?  ‘ I have nothing to wear’ , ‘ I need new clothes’, ‘None of these clothes fit me’. Frustrated and defeated, you reach for the default uniform of black pants and black top/black sweater, and tell yourself ‘ Fine…it’s good enough’ and this is how we START our day, every day!  Our overall feeling of defeat and self-loathing is what we’re bringing out into our day…now how can we go out in the world and use our superpowers with that feeling? Linda can help!
Linda has spent over 30 years in the beauty industry establishing herself as a successful business owner, stylist, mentor, educator, and speaker.  Unlike many consultants, Linda’s extensive experience in hair, make up and imaging gives her an un-paralleled edge, providing a higher level of expertise to achieve a confident image head to toe. Linda has worked with both individuals and companies at all levels of business who want to understand how confidence and image go hand in hand, and why we need to own it.  Companies such as Mohawk College, Simpson Wigle, Weight Watchers, and Edward Jones have partnered with Linda when they want their teams to learn the power of dressing for success, and establishing their business brand. Linda has appeared on Downright Domestic and written for an international magazine on the world of image consulting.

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