It’s been a longtime since patterns of this magnitude have hit the fashion world.  Bold colours, striking geographic lines, and saturated colours blended with floral and black…it’s difficult to find your fashion sense!

But fear not…the truth is we still have to look at the shape, tone, and our own features to determine what will suit us best.

Start by looking at the shape of the garment. Lets choice a dress for example. When being drawn to the question “Can I wear this?”  1st  look for at the over all shape of the dress. Is it an A-line skirt for an Hourglass figure, or a shift dress that suits a more Rectangular silhouette?  Make sure it will be flattering to your shape, as this is extremely important in pulling off a new look. 

2nd, look at the pattern. It can be a lot of fun to step way out of your comfort zone and wear a huge floral print, and the best accessory to this is confidence.  That being said, finding a pattern SIZE that suits you can be achieved by using your own features as a measurement. If you have relatively small features, an even complexion,  and smooth hair,a complimentary pattern could be smaller, delicate floral, with a space between the flowers, and a solid background.

Do you have wavy hair, sun kissed freckles and defined eye brows? Your pattern can be busier, more textured and bolder. 

3rd, there are many, many colour blends in the fashion world right now, and often they are paired with contrast tones to make them pop. Blue and yellow, orange and purple for example.  If you can find a pattern that has the main colour suit you, and the complimentary tones working with you, then it can be easier to introduce to your wardrobe without it being a solo item in the closet.

If you choose a contrasting colour..example you are a light blonde with cool blue eyes, and a pinkish skin tone, and you purchase an orange dress with blue and pink graphic patterns, know the look goes from Quiet to Loud, and the occasion must warrant the message your sending. Since blue/orange are contrasts, the message can be bold and conflicting…especially if its in graphic design. 

The idea is to have fun with this new trend. If you are intimidated by such strong patterns, choose items that won’t sit next to your features.   A patterned skirt, with a solid tone top, a printed handbag, or strong patterned shoes will wake up an outfit from a previous season, and let you gently enter the world of metallic, animal print or stripes with confidence. And that’s the secret.