Getting Dressed…Fun or Frustrating?

Have you ever done this...Your getting ready to get dressed, rummage thru your clothes looking for that "feel good piece" and quickly decided that its time to get some new clothes. Within a few days your heading out with a sense of joy, and enthusiasm optimistic your...

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What you wore 20 years ago will not be back in style!

  You know the old belief that what you wore twenty years ago that you should keep because it will come back?  Don’t you dare believe it.  It may be similar but it is definitely not what we wore twenty years ago. So when you’re wardrobe becomes old, donate it and...

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Style Consulting

  Welcome to LEStyle Consultant. Linda Edmonds is your exclusive style consultant. Linda has worked hard to develop a personalized and customized service that helps you move from good to GREAT. We help you with attaining confidence and presence through style and...

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