It’s Fashion Week at every corner of the Fashion World right now, and the styles are hot!  There is everything from leather to lace, tweed to silk, and solids to intense full pant suit patterns.  Which might lead you to ask “how do I wear this?” 

 The average time it takes for a runway look to blend into mainstream fashion is generally  2-3 years.

Overall, a “LOOK” or a “TREND” can be around for 6 years. It can be broken down into 3 segments;  

Two years for the designers to introduce their signature pieces and turn heads;

Two years for their looks to be interpreted and adjusted to a more mainstream market;

 Two years for the trend to run its course.  This is often the time we just get use to it.

If you find yourself on the last half of a fashion leg, and want to be more fashion forward, learn to look at the overall picture of the design. 

Textured fabrics, 3/4 length sleeves, big round buttons, (and how long have has animal print been making its statement? 2 strong years already!) Look at those hats! They are quite exaggerated, but give them a few years, and they will find themselves into our stores and on our heads. These are just some of the ways  how you can add a look or trend to your existing wardrobe, and be apart of a trend on the up swing, not the down swing.