Have you ever done this…Your getting ready to get dressed, rummage thru your clothes looking for that “feel good piece” and quickly decided that its time to get some new clothes.

Within a few days your heading out with a sense of joy, and enthusiasm optimistic your coming home with a new addition to your closet.

A few hours later, your feeling deflated, no luck, no new addition, and heading for the chocolate. What happened??

Re-trace your steps. When you were going thru your closet, was it well organized? Could you put on an outfit easily, or have to make one?

This is a major first step in understanding what you have, and how preparing your closet can make all the difference in the way you feel about your clothes.

See, when we go shopping to get that sense of excitement, its trying to recreate that feeling we had when we first purchased the clothes that are already  hanging in the closet. Without organizing them for quick and easy access, they loose their luster, and we dismiss them as an option to feel good. Think of it this way; would you rather a top hanging neatly on a hanger, or the one crumpled up at the back of the drawer?

It isn’t always the need to replace, it maybe the need to prepare.