While shopping for a client a few days ago in a major Department Store it occurred to me; wouldn’t it be easier if the clothing sections

where categorized to Body Types? 

Imagine; Shopping in YOUR section.

A sales associate trained to dress your specific body shape,  showing  you clothing that is complimentary  for your body type alone.

Imagine; no more hours wasted wandering around,  trying on clothes that doesn’t fit well,  only to declare how much you hate shopping!

Dressing for your body shapes is a very important step in feeling great about your image, and understanding our unspoken “conversation” we have with people we come across during the day. This unspoken message you send tells people how you feel that day. If we are wearing clothing that doesn’t fit properly, however unintentional, it can give a negative message you don’t care, don’t feel well, or just not on your game that day. Your over all impression is not positive.

   To avoid this wardrobe malfunction, I want to share with you some key points in what to look for when shopping for your next outfit.

Once you know what is flattering to your specific silhouette,  then the fun can begin.

Understanding your fit is step one.

Proper fit across  your shoulders, waist, and hips, mean everything when asking yourself if it fits properly.

Pulling across the bust, tummy, or lap are all NO NO’S.

Fabric should drape smoothly over our shape, and lay down, not tug, pull, or create lines that were not intended in the design of the garment.

Also, be careful not to wear your clothing too big, or too loose. This can actually make your silhouette appear larger by not showing any definition in  your bust line, waist, or hips.  It doesn’t matter if it’s black; there is nothing slimming about a poor fit. 

And lastly, as tempting as it is to show off all our assets, it isn’t always flattering, or appropriate, especially in occasions where you would like to be taken seriously.